Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Chloe + Isabel Changed My Life

I know it's been *years* since I updated this blog at all, but I've been looking for every opportunity to talk about the amazingness in my life. Two years ago I decided that it was time for me to join the throng of women who work from home. I wanted a job that was flexible - no deadlines or forced sales requirements. I wanted a job where I could enjoy sharing something that I loved with friends, family, new friends, and total strangers. I needed to feel good about the product so that I didn't feel scummy. I wanted a job that did not require recruiting to make money. I wanted a job that would help me move outside the comfort zone that I built up around myself for the previous 12 years of motherhood.

I did my research. I looked into LuLaRoe, but didn't want to have to wear LuLaRoe every day. I looked into nutrition options, but frankly that felt hypocritical and too science-y. I looked at multiple websites comparing Direct Sales company options. I kept coming across Chloe+Isabel. I'd never heard of them before and never seen their jewelry. I was skeptical at first because the only other jewelry being sold like that I had seen was a certain $5 jewelry company that I knew I did NOT want to be with (for quality issues). So I asked my husband and Mom to each buy me a piece of Chloe+Isabel for my upcoming birthday. On my birthday I opened three pieces of C+I...and instantly fell in love! I could feel the quality, and the sparkle was even better in person than what I'd seen online. I wanted to wear these pieces every day! I was sold!

But I was still nervous about joining the company so I took my time and thought it through for a few days.  The morning that I finally completed the online form to join I was so nervous and anxious that I actually left the house as soon as I hit "submit". I took my kids to the mall.  And when I got back, I was IN! I had emails waiting for me congratulating me and telling me what to do next and how to set up my online boutique! Just like that!  A few days later a big box of $700 worth of jewelry arrived at my doorstep! I was so excited that I put every piece that I could on simultaneously!

The first two months of my business I was so on fire with excitement that I actually had trouble sleeping! I couldn't wait to jump back out of bed and get back to work! I learned that I am super competitive with myself! I love to set a goal and then crush it! I love earning the free jewelry incentives that C+I offers each month. My kids even get excited with me and love to ask "Did you earn that necklace for FREE?" And I love to tell them YES!  It was hard work, but it was very satisfying work. I've done home parties and vendor events and fundraisers and online selling and even setup in office building lobbies.

In the two years since I joined Chloe+Isabel (2 years this month!) I have pushed myself further out of my comfort zone than ever. In fact, my comfort zone has moved and expanded! I've had awesome months where I meet every goal and feel like the conqueror of the world, and I've had slow months where I didn't work my business much and feel a little sad about that. Actually, one of my favorite things about this job is that I CAN work it hard when I want to/can, and can ease up when I need to give my full-time job as Mother-of-5 more attention.  I've met so many awesome boss-babe fellow-Merchies (as we call ourselves) and learned so much from them! I've attended the Chloe+Isabel Convention twice now and each time come away with a renewed fire and determination as well as so much new knowledge and dozens of new "sisters". I feel like my self-confidence has soared to a place where possibly it has never been before. I think I'm a pretty awesome person - I like the {imperfect} way I look and dress, and I confidently take selfies wearing the jewelry now.

Overall, I can honestly and without exaggeration say that, Chloe+Isabel has changed my life! And I hope it keeps on changing! I'm just starting a path of leadership where I will be building my own team of empowered, self-motivated women who want to lift each other up as we rise together. I can't wait to work with these women. Learn together. See growth in them and in myself.

Perhaps the biggest change in myself is that I'm saying "Bring on the change!" I can see that inner change is growth, and there's no downside to that!

If this kind of growth in a job interests you, you're the kind of person I want on my team! Comment here, stalk me on Facebook, order yourself a piece to try...or just contact me and we'll meet up for a chat. You could have a paycheck next month! (Or another paycheck)  You can change your life.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beautiful Girls

The fact that Millie is adorable is well established.  But what I really love about this photo is that it seems to me that Naomi's inner beauty and peace are shining through and enhancing her own image, and Camilla's too.  I hope my beautiful girls will always love each other and depend on each other and make each other better.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Friday (er... Saturday) Five

1. Naomi has mono.  The poor girl is totally exhausted, spent a couple of days throwing up, has a rash and... other problems from being on amoxicilian, and couldn't be sadder.  She's all set up with a small TV/DVD player in her room, a pile of books, and comfy pants.  But it's going to be a long road to recovery.

2.  This coming week is Spring Break for the kids.  We didn't have anything big planned anyway, but because of Naomi's mono our plans just got even smaller.  We'll try to plan something fun each day for the boys.  And we'll try to not let Mom go insane however necessary.

3.  Asher got his first bloody nose last night.  He panicked and ran around his room yelling and spraying blood for at least a full minute before Mom got there.  Professional carpet cleaners have been called in to fix the crime-scene-like horror show that their room became.  The "story" is that he fell of his bed. Face first. Really hard.  ...We think there may be more to the story that will come out at some later date.

4.  I've been selling pillows at a local consignment shop.  I use designer interiors fabric that my Mom gave me and pillow forms that I buy using coupons.  It's a good way to keep me busy during nap time and help me feel just a teeny bit like I make a difference outside of my tiny sphere of home.  Plus there's some money - but not much.

5.  Richard loves his new job at DonorDirect and they love him so much that what started as "You're a contractor and we'll never hire you permanently" four months ago, has indeed become permanent.  We feel very blessed.

And here's 5 photos:
We are now a fully mobile biking family. Even *I* have a bike!
 Sammy's new bike helmet is too awesome for words.
 Naomi's sad, sad face at the Dr's learning about mono.
 Milli's silly face eating carrots.
 Asher's happy face after scoring 100% on his math CBA (curriculum based assessment)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Family Night At the Movies

Last night we took the family (minus Camilla and plus Grandpa) to see Frozen at the theatre. We don't take the kids to the movies very often because it's just plain crazy and crazy expensive.  But we all really wanted to see Frozen so off we went.

Sammy sat next to me and pretty much talked through the whole movie. The only time he was quiet was when his mouth was full of Grandpa's popcorn.  Luckily the noise was fine since there were only five other people in the theatre.  The fun with Sammy really started during the previews.  At the start of each new preview he would say to me, "Is this Frozen?"  He tripped in the aisle several times as he walked back and forth stealing Grandpa's popcorn time after time.  He sang along to the chorus of the songs - songs he had never heard before, but that didn't stop him.  Then during the climax of the movie, as the main character is frozen into an ice sculpture, Sammy starts crying (with real tears!) and saying "Oh no! Oh no!".  I comfort him by saying, "It'll be OK, buddy. It'll be OK."  And he looks at me, motions toward the screen, and says, "No it won't! ... Just look!"  It was adorable.  Then, to highlight the whole trip, as we're walking out of the theatre and down the long hall toward the exit, two men are walking past us in the opposite direction and he says to them, in a very compassionate and concerned voice, "Awww. You missed it! It's over!"  They laughed and said he was cute.  Then Sammy tripped, fell flat on his face, jumped up and kept going like nothing happened.

What a sweetheart.