Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quick Change Artist

We spent Thanksgiving in Texas at Grandma and Grandpa A's house. We ate great food, saw dinosaurs at an awesome park, played at a playground until we were too sweaty in the 76 degree sunshine, and hung out with some our favorite people.  Saturday night we were sitting around chatting and my Mom asked, "Have you guys ever thought about renting out your house in VA and moving into a rental somewhere else?"  And the answer is, yes. We have thought about that.  We love our house in VA, but it is too small for us. We are bursting at the seams.  We need more bedrooms and we wish Richard had a better office at home.

So we thought we'd just check out the market so that we could continue to consider this later.   And we became drunk on the thought of square footage.    Nearly triple the square footage as we have in VA could be ours for almost an equal price! And a pool! And the schools are amazing! And close to Grandma and Grandpa A! And Aunt Ruth!

By Tuesday afternoon we had signed a lease for a 5 bedroom, 4 bath, pool, 4,000+ square foot rental house.  By now, Wednesday night, we have a moving company booked, a property management company chosen, and boxes ordered.  I've (happily) resigned from the PTA, asked to be released from my calling at church, and declined to help at several other things.  Hopefully by Friday our home will be listed on websites as "for rent".  By December 18 our stuff will be driving to Texas.  We'll follow in a few days when school is out.  We'll spend Christmas with Grandma and pa.  Then we'll move in just after Christmas.  The kids will start their new school January 7.

This started Saturday night and today is Wednesday.  This whirlwind is totally blowing my mind.  But it's so right. Every thing that could have been a block to this grand scheme, has easily breezed past us. It's all just falling into place.  We can only thank our Heavenly Father for guiding us through this.