Monday, May 28, 2012

Preschool Graduation

After 4 straight years of one or two of our kids going to KUC Preschool, this graduation was a little sentimental to me.  As Isaiah marched across the stage, pausing for a photo opp with his cheesy grin and a thumbs up, it seemed like a shadow of things to come.  Sammy won't be in Preschool for at least two more years.  Naomi will be marching across a similar but larger stage of her own in 10 years.  Often in Motherhood time slows to a snails crawl, but suddenly those 10 years seem like they might be really short.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Progress Report

Asher is finally hitting that Kindergarten sweet spot where suddenly I look at his work he brings home and think, "Wait, is this really MY sons?"  His writing is legible and mostly in a line and sized right. He can read, he just still won't believe he can.  He's doing so great!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Naomi's Got Talent

I have never been more proud of Naomi. More than a month ago she came home with a permission slip and a plan. The school was hosting a talent show and she and friend had a grand scheme.  The friend, Katie, would play the piano as Naomi and she both sang. The song they planned on was "Down By the Sea".  My guess is that anyone who's taken beginner piano lessons has learned this cute little song.  There were six after-school practices and the music teacher worked with each group a lot. But Naomi would not so much as hum one bar of the song for me.  She would clam right up as soon as I brought it up.  I didn't push and tried to only be supportive.  I made Naomi and Katie matching skirts and sailor-like neck ties (because they said they wanted fabric "like water" to go with their theme).

 And the day of the talent show I gave myself a pep-talk about not saying a word to Naomi that could even remotely be construed as negative. I was only going to be super supportive.  No, "Well, it could have been louder" or "If the microphone had just been closer."

And then she blew me away.

This is a pretty bad little video since I missed the first few seconds and you can't even hear the piano.  But you sure can hear Naomi.  She was not one bit shy or even nervous ahead of time.  That girl has way more moxie than I gave her credit for! She stepped right up to that microphone, and belted that song out like a rock star.  I admit it, I teared up with pride.  She really just blew me away.

Roadrunners sure do "got talent"!!!