Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was awesome.  Ang and the Qshurst-Mcgees came to town, Ruth and Mom both had the entire week off work, Richard came home each night to party.  It was all so fun and festive!  And we didn't even have to pack or travel!

It was so much fun to have Angela and Ruth and I all together.  I just love that my sisters and I are close.

We had an epic Nerf battle at our house.  Richard bought dozens of guns and hundreds of ammo.  The kids shot the adults, the adults shot the kids, teams lasted ... minutes before turning on each other.

Christmas morning we Worths stayed at our house to open presents.  The kids were pretty good about taking it slow opening presents and enjoying each other's happiness.

Asher really loved his "Inventors Kit". "Look! My very own blue tape!" he cried.

Any time we were hungry we just headed to Grandma's.  Massive amounts of pies, mashed potatoes, cookies, ham, etc.  We were stuffed for a week straight!

And love abounded.

A perfect Christmas.