Saturday, March 8, 2014

Friday (er... Saturday) Five

1. Naomi has mono.  The poor girl is totally exhausted, spent a couple of days throwing up, has a rash and... other problems from being on amoxicilian, and couldn't be sadder.  She's all set up with a small TV/DVD player in her room, a pile of books, and comfy pants.  But it's going to be a long road to recovery.

2.  This coming week is Spring Break for the kids.  We didn't have anything big planned anyway, but because of Naomi's mono our plans just got even smaller.  We'll try to plan something fun each day for the boys.  And we'll try to not let Mom go insane however necessary.

3.  Asher got his first bloody nose last night.  He panicked and ran around his room yelling and spraying blood for at least a full minute before Mom got there.  Professional carpet cleaners have been called in to fix the crime-scene-like horror show that their room became.  The "story" is that he fell of his bed. Face first. Really hard.  ...We think there may be more to the story that will come out at some later date.

4.  I've been selling pillows at a local consignment shop.  I use designer interiors fabric that my Mom gave me and pillow forms that I buy using coupons.  It's a good way to keep me busy during nap time and help me feel just a teeny bit like I make a difference outside of my tiny sphere of home.  Plus there's some money - but not much.

5.  Richard loves his new job at DonorDirect and they love him so much that what started as "You're a contractor and we'll never hire you permanently" four months ago, has indeed become permanent.  We feel very blessed.

And here's 5 photos:
We are now a fully mobile biking family. Even *I* have a bike!
 Sammy's new bike helmet is too awesome for words.
 Naomi's sad, sad face at the Dr's learning about mono.
 Milli's silly face eating carrots.
 Asher's happy face after scoring 100% on his math CBA (curriculum based assessment)