Friday, September 28, 2007

A conversation

I don't have much to say today, but I was looking through our family journal of funny things the kids say and saw this entry and just had to share. This was a conversation I had with Naomi over lunch mid-July.

Naomi: Would it hurt and you die if somebody took off your head?

Me: Yes, it would hurt and you would die.

Naomi: Would it really hurt a lot?

Me: Yes, really a lot.

Naomi: And you couldn't see where you were going. That wouldn't be safe.

Me: (giggling) Right.

Naomi: What about if you didn't have any legs? Then you couldn't walk. (long pause)
But you could bounce!

Me: (laughing hysterically which ends the conversation)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Next Blog"

Have you ever clicked on "Next Blog" in Blogger? It's really quite fun. (Very top of the screen by "Flag Blog" and "Search Blog") A good portion of them are not in English - so sometimes it takes a couple of clicks to get to an English one, but it's always interesting. I was just reading all about this self-proclaimed Hippie women from I believe Vermont. It was fascinating. I don't know her, I probably never will - but now I know about her nephew and her love of Henna art. Consider that for a while and then think about the fact that it used to be that if you moved away from your family or friends you would probably never see them or hear from them again. Back before trains, or reliable mail, or planes, or the internet. My how times change. Maybe our kids kids kids will think this whole internet thing is hooey.

**NOTE** A sweet friend of mine just had a bad experience doing this. She came across a very nasty site. So I'm not sure I can recommend you try this anymore. Do it at your own risk. I am SO sorry Clyde!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More faces of Isaiah

Isaiah is changing so quickly right now. He is starting to try to roll over and he laughs and "talks" all the time. On a little bit of a sad note, his hair has gotten so long that it no longer sticks up like a rock star. So, I thought you all needed to know what his latest "look" is.

(I forgot to rotate the pics before I added them and blogger won't let me do it after - sorry. I don't have time to fix it right now. I'm off to see my surgeon so hopefully he'll tell me I am so well healed that I can starting lifting Asher again - because coaxing an 18 month old to walk upstairs and climb into his own crib when he doesn't really want to take a nap is NOT easy!)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall has arrived!

Autumn is my favorite season. The weather is just perfect for me (not too hot, not too cold). The world around me is changing every day. Every minute, it seems. I love the colors. I love crunching on the leaves as I walk. I love comparing the colors of one tree to another. I think I didn't really even know what fall was until I moved to Virginia. And I particularly love this neighborhood in fall. There are great big mature trees all around us. We don't get much "fall" in Texas where I grew up. I know that my mom really misses the fall too while she lives there, in Texas. So, in honor of my mother, I am going to start a Fall Foliage series. Every few days, or once a week maybe, I'll post an updated picture of the same branch of tree. That way my mom, and any others who live in none "fall" areas, can enjoy it along with me.
So, here is today's picture. This is the view from my kitchen window. When I stand there to do the dishes, this is what I see.

As you can see, there is really just one tiny branch that has already turned orange. But just you wait!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A bellybutton haiku

My cousin Sarah is hysterical. She's always been one of my favorites. Her blog is one of my favorites. She set a "contest" to write a bellybutton haiku. I don't claim to be a literary buff or anything, I admit that I had to look up what exactly makes a haiku (and I still don't think I really did it right) but I gave it a shot. I have a little bellybutton story to share at this point in my life - so here it is:

Small dot on my tummy
Taken for granted

Tiny part of intestines
Now in such pain

He’s just a smart guy
Pay attention

Now a hole in my tummy
Gallbladder gone

Covers the gapping hole
Don’t catch on my pants

Only four at a time?
Asleep for a week

Never again taken for granted
Now a dot


Well, at least I know I've taught my children to share.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Doing well

Just a quick post to let all you loving people out there know that I am doing well. The surgery went fine - I am now Gallbladderless. Margaret (mom-in-law) took care of the kids on Friday and Richard has been filling the roll of Mom and Dad since then. He's doing great (he is currently taking the advice given to new "Moms" everywhere - that is "nap when your kids nap.")
An apology to my brother Joe, who requested that I get my Gallbladder and the stones and send them to him for inspection. Sorry Joe, the hospital said that was against policy. You'll just have to have your own Gallbladder out and talk your surgeon into giving it to you.
Thanks for everyone's prayers and thoughts. I sure do appreciate it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

best friends

When I went to college I was at one of those points in my life where I could have gone any direction. Good, bad, or inbetween. (Mind you, I was making this choice while at Ricks College, so when I say bad - it wasn't that bad) In the end, I choose good. I credit that choice largely to my roommates. I am still very close with several of my roomies and I love all of them dearly. They will all always have a special place in my heart.

One of those roomies, Shanae, lives here in Virginia near me. She lived less than a mile away when we lived in our last house(and might be following me out to our current place of residence soon!). Shanae came over today to help me with the kids since I'm not really feeling up to full Mommy-potential lately. She was a great help not only with the kids, but also with my spirit. I just can't be around Shanae without being happy. She brings out a little bit of the giddy-ness that I remember from college. It reminds me of late nights sitting on the floor in our apartment, playing cards and drinking root beer. It reminds me of silly dancing and singing with just us girls after someone-or-other got back from a fun date. It just reminds me of a different part of my life - that is so far from this part of my life.

So, here's to Shanae. And Erica. And Amanda. And Christy. And Kerri. I love you all.

I have an entire hand-done scrapbook with tons of cute photos of Shanae, Christy, Erica, Kerri, Amanda and I. But it's all "old school". I tried taking a picture of the pictures, but it didn't work. So, sorry. No pictures of skinny me 10 years ago with "my girls."

A Princess and her shoes

Once upon a time, there was an adorable little Princess. She lived happily with her beautiful Queen Mother and Studly King Father. She also had two brothers known throughout the land as the Prince Troublemakers. They all lived in a beautiful land filled with happiness. But then one day, tragedy struck the kingdom. Princess Naomi broke one of her glass slippers! Oh, the carnage! Oh, the tears! Oh, the late night trip to the mall! And then, what light through yonder window breaks? Princess Naomi bought new shoes. And like any modern-day American Princess, this solved all her problems. The Princess' new shoes were even more blinged up then her plain old glass slippers. They even light up when walked upon! Peace was restored to the kingdom. And the Princess lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2001

On September 11, 2001 I stayed home from work sick. I lived in an apartment in Alexandria, Virginia with two friends, Melody and Melissa. I was engaged to Richard. Richard had taken my car to his work that day. He worked in the Pentagon Annex. I was still asleep when my room-mate and also co-worker, Melody, called me to tell me about the first of the towers in New York being hit. We had a discussion (that was really embarrassing) about whether the World Trade Center was in New York or possibly Chicago. We also discussed if it was an accident or on purpose. I was of the opinion that it was just some crazy accident. We didn't have TV hooked up in our apartment yet, so when I got off the phone with Melody I went back to sleep. Melody called me again when the second tower got hit. I was a little freaked out by that, since it was less easy to think it was an accident. I was also a little annoyed with Melody for bugging me when I wasn't feeling well. I tried to go back to sleep but I was spooked so I couldn't sleep. I turned on the TV to see if by some fluke I could get a picture. No luck. I turned on the radio to see if I could get anything there. What I heard just freaked me out even more instead of comforting me so I turned the radio back off. I just lay on the couch hoping that I would eventually fall back asleep. A little while later the windows of my apartment shook and there was a rumbling noise. I was scared. I turned on the radio again. This is what I heard: "A plane has hit on or near the Pentagon. We don't know yet exactly what has happened..." then they said something about "doubtless, hundreds are dead..." All I could think was "ON or NEAR? On or near? Which is it? On or near?" If a plane hit ON the Pentagon that meant my Richard was probably fine. If it was NEAR the Pentagon my Richard could be... I'm not sure I even let myself totally think that thought. But I know I started crying at that point. I left the radio on then. But they didn't have any new news. They started saying "a plane has hit the Pentagon" but I wasn't sure that they were saying it because it was true. What if they were just shortening it because near the Pentagon was close enough to so many other people? All I could do was wait and pace. I stood on the balcony of my apartment and watched the road into my apartment complex for my car safely carrying Richard back to me. But I wasn't sure if Richard would come to my apartment. What if he went to his parents house where he was living instead. I called his parents house. I spoke to his brother Kevin. I don't remember what Kevin said, but I do remember that it was very comforting to me. I waited more. I waited more. Finally I saw my car drive into the parking lot. I was waiting for Richard at the front door. We only stayed at my apartment for a few minutes. We went to Richard's parents house in Oakton. They had TV and, of course, Richard wanted to be near his family. At their house we sat in the dark basement and watched the TV coverage for hours. When we spoke, we whispered. No one laughed. No one spoke of everyday things. Time flew by and dragged at the same time. We watched some silly movie that night, still at Richard's parents' house. We needed a distraction - but it felt wrong and wasn't comforting or all that distracting.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

health update

FYI - My surgery is scheduled for Friday (the 14th) at 10am. They say it only takes an hour for the actual surgery and that I'll only need an hour or so in the hospital after that to recover before Richard can come pick me up. We think that's pretty good timing because then Richard will be home for two days post surgery without having to take time off work. This week I am going to focus on teaching Asher to do things that I never thought I would teach him. For example, climbing into and out of his high chair and crib. I can't believe I'm gonna do that - but I have to since I'm not supposed to do any serious lifting for "a week or two" post-op.
My biggest problem right now is just having enough energy to be a Mom. Fruits and veggies don't exactly fill you up long term or leave you bursting with energy when they're the only things you've eaten all day. Yesterday I tested my boundaries by eating ONE chocolate chip cookie that Richard had sweetly made for a commitment I made before this all happened. One cookie left me in pain half the night and still this morning. So no more boundary testing for me!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Gallbladder contest

I am feeling better today. I actually slept well last night for the first time in a long time. Apparently diet makes a really big difference. All I ate yesterday was plain rice and some saltines.

I met with my surgeon today. He requested some blood work, then he'll check with the insurance company, after the insurance company Ok's the surgery he'll call the hospital's scheduling dept and then the scheduling dept will call me. So, I won't even know when I am having the surgery until mid-next week it looks like.

With that in mind, it looks like I'm going to have to live on this incredibly-low-fat diet for a while. Especially because I am not allowed to take any pain meds because they thin your blood. So, I did a little more research about what I am supposed to eat, and what to avoid. It is grim. This is where the contest comes in. Go to That will be your guidelines. Make up a complete meal. Leave it in the "comments". Whoever gives me the best meal wins my complete adoration and devotion (for at least an hour).

Happy meal planning (it's gonna be harder than you think).

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

From a small thing...continued

Note: This post won't make much sense without reading the previous one first.

Looks like I do need to have surgery to remove my Gallbladder. I got a recommendation from my fabulous OBGYN whom I basically worship for a surgeon. I have an appointment with that surgeon tomorrow. I assume after he looks at the films and confirms what my other family Dr told me that he will schedule the surgery. Hopefully soon! Because I'm supposed to eat minimally fattening things until then and there are 2 chocolate chip cookies sitting on my counter laughing at me. On the up side - a forced diet could help me loose some weight. Hard to complain about that!
Thanks for your prayers. Keep um' coming!

From a small thing...

From a small thing...big trouble has arrived. I realize that I could be talking about Asher. He is big trouble - and he did start out small. But alas, I am talking about my Gallbladder. Apparently it has turned against me. I feel so betrayed. Below is a picture that illustrates just how small this now-painful little thing is.

I won't gross you out with any details. Let's just say I was in a lot of pain, so we went to the Dr. and she said this is what it is. This afternoon I go to have a Sonogram to confirm what the Dr. is 99% sure of already and to tell us how bad it is. Then we will know if we are talking about surgery or treatment or what.

I am sorry to share such personal details with you all, but I figured any prayers that you wanted to send my way would be very helpful. I am pretty freaked out by the thought of surgery. And I am freaked out by the idea of ever being in as much pain as I was last night again.

Please don't share your horror stories with me quite yet. I don't want to know how bad it COULD be or how bad it was for you. I have plenty of worries all on my own. Some day, we can all sit around and share stories and compare scars, etc. But today is not that day.

Thanks for your prayers.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Great Grandma Helen

My Grandmother, Helen, lives with my parents. So I am lucky enough to see her on a regular basis. However, the last time we were in Texas visiting my parents, Grandma Helen was visiting other relatives. We are also lucky enough to live nearby my Aunt Nancy (no, the name is not a coincidence) here in Virginia. So this week Grandma Helen is visiting Aunt Nancy and we are lucky enough to get in on that visit. Anyway - that all seems like a complicated way of saying we got to see Grandma Helen yesterday. We had dinner with Aunt Nancy and family plus Grandma. This was Isaiah's first visit with his Great Grandmother so it was a picture-worthy event. Isaiah did a great job of performing all his best stunts (smiles, laughs, coos, wiggles and overall charm).

(You may notice in these pictures that Isaiah is wearing an adorable little tie. You may also notice that he is wearing it with the top button of his shirt un-buttoned. When we buttoned the shirt and put the little clip-on tie on he couldn't breath anymore because the boy still has no neck. It was very cute. But we thought maybe breathing was important so we un-did the top button.)