Friday, July 20, 2012

Thrive Food

A couple of months ago my sister, Angela, had a party where a woman came and talked to them about Thrive Foods. I knew nothing about Thrive except that Angela liked it enough to host a party like this for the first time in her life. So I "Skyped" into the party and, as they say, the rest is history. Well, actually, I'm writing the history, so I guess I should add more details. I liked the food. I liked how easy it was. I liked the idea of having more veggies around my house (in the hopes that I'd use them more). And we've been meaning to start a real food storage supply forever. So I signed up for a Starter Kit where I would get a box of food each month with a few recipes so that I could try out a wide variety of it. And the more I tried of the food, the more I loved it. We really have eaten more healthy food in the past month than...well, maybe ever.

 So I made another big decision and now I'm an Indepedant Consultant for Thrive Foods. That means that next time I attend a Thrive party, I'll be the one standing up there proclaiming my love for it. I don't have any desire to pressure anyone into buying these products, but I do really believe in them and want to give people the knowledge to make a choice of their own. These products are amazing and I didnt even know they existed until a couple of months ago!!!

 I keep thinking of my Grandmother's quilt. The one that was always on the guest bed in my Grandparents' Florida home. The one where each square was embroidered with something that represented an era of their lives. I think that on my non-existent-yet quilt like that one, Thrive will have it's own block. And I'm excited about it.

(If you'd like to learn more about Thrive foods, I'd be happy to tell you all about it. And/or you can check out my website at shelfreliance.come/nancyworth.)