Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I know, I know, it's been forever. But the good news is that it's been forever because I've been busy doing other things. I am finally feeling like I really am living life again with no physical or emotional craziness. It's been more than two week since I irrationally burst into tears!

Sammy is growing and growing. He's into his 3-6 months clothes now. He's nearly outgrown the bassinet. He's trying very hard to roll over but has only made it onto his side so far. He's such a strong little guy. He has great control of his head and neck already and loves to be stood up on his feet.

Isaiah is cracking us up, as usual. Our favorite thing that he says lately is "lasterday". As in, yesterday and last time all mixed into one word. I think it's awesome and makes perfect sense as far as made up words go. He's still struggling with potty training a little bit, but I can see a faint light at the end of that tunnel.

Asher is growing into quite the smart little man. And by smart I mostly mean smart-alek. He picks up on plays on words and sasses just a little more than I'm happy about. He's definitely got his Daddy's sense of humor. He also has a constant barrage of questions for me which he is never satisfied with my short answers to.

Naomi is a genius. She's really flourishing in her 1st grade class. I can already tell that she'll be valedictorian. She still loves art, but now she enjoys her music class, too, and even gym. I'm so proud of her for not being scared of the ball the way I always was. Naomi also just lost her front tooth. So she has that cute/awkward look that I think all 1st graders have at some point.

Richard is currently out of town for a whopping 10 day trip. He taught a class in California last week, spent the weekend with his brother in Oregon, then flew back down to a different part of Cali to teach two more classes. I think he enjoys these trips, but they are hard work. And we miss him so much.

As part of Richard and I's new agreement, any time he leaves town for a long stretch like that I get to buy a plane ticket for whoever I want to come visit me. It keeps me sane. So this past weekend my big sis, Angela AND my Mommy came. We had such a great time being together. On Saturday we got a babysitter and went to the National Cathedral to see Handel's Messiah. It was seriously amazing. I admit that I had a hard time staying awake through a lot of it (Sammy is still not sleeping through the night yet), so I'm sure I could have gotten more out of it, but it was still very impressive. I was amazed how the music brought such strong feelings and emotion with so few words.

Angela, Ruth, Mom, me

So that's the news. Next up: a holiday trip to Mexico!!!


erica said...

ah. like a nice cool drink of water on a hot summer day, reading your updates. now I know there is life outside of my bubble.
and I love your boots.

Jessica said...

Sammy is getting so big! can't wait to hold him in Mexico!

Clyde said...

Love the "train-style" pictures (kids and women)

erica said...

oh, and Alice says lasternight for all thing that are not right now. I really love it.