Monday, June 11, 2012

At Long Last

I feel like I am finally home again.  I can finally be "normal" again.  Today was the perfect day for me - filled with the things that I have most been missing in this past school year.

We woke up at 7 (well, a few of us woke up a little earlier than that and needed a reminder or two to get back in the beds and zip it).  We had scripture study and got dressed and had breakfast on our usual "school day" routine.  We giggled when our "Almost Time For The Bus" alarm went off on my phone.  But then ... *sigh of contentment*... the freedom began.  There was nowhere to be!  The kids watched a little TV and drew and played together while Richard and I got a few things done.  I got dressed for the gym, but then didn't rush off right that second. Sammy finished his nap. We went to the gym, but in no rush.  I didn't look at the clock at the gym.  It didn't matter!  We had a leisurely naptime.  I realized I needed to grocery shop but that I couldn't do that and have dinner on the table at the usual time.  Who cares?  We went grocery shopping.  In no rush!  We got home, made dinner, and ate it way later than usual.  At 7pm, the kids usual bedtime, we started our Family Home Evening of a walk/bike ride to the park.

I know this sounds like the most boring day ever, but I have really, really, really missed days like this. Days where I can just do my thing.  Days where I can change the schedule without adjusting logistics for three other things. Days where I can go to the gym.  Days where I can just be me, being the Mom.   



Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

*huge sigh of relief*

Mom said...

Have a wonderful Time all summer with your little brood.