Monday, October 22, 2012

Seven Favors From Seven Friends

Naomi went to E's house, Asher went to W's house, Isaiah went to Kevin and Kelly's house, Sammy went to H's house (then switched to M's house before heading to Kevin and Kelly's).  Plus Naomi and Asher came home from school to a neighbors house and were picked up from there.  So, all told, it took seven favors from seven friends for Richard and I to leave home for 36 hours.  So, I thought, we'd better make every moment count!  We'd better love our 11th Anniversary celebration!

Our plans were to head toward Baltimore, take a sunset hot air balloon ride, then head to our Baltimore hotel.  But the weather had another plan. Our hot air balloon ride was cancelled for wind.  So we bought tickets to a comedy club. But then we went to dinner at this incredibly fancy and seriously delicious restaurant in Baltimore and spent so long there that we missed our comedy act.  (If you're even in Baltimore and have plenty of spare change, go to Charleston Restaurant.  Yum!)  At this point in our day, it sounded like we were having a bad day.  But in reality we were just happy to be together. We enjoyed our dinner and each other so much that we didn't feel bad about missing the comedy club.

When we checked into our hotel room, I was blown away by the view. Right outside our window was Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  Gorgeous.
 We walked around the pier, took a water taxi to another place just for the sake of the boat ride, did some window shopping, peeked in a few art galleries, ate way too much and way too often, saw a movie, and reminisced about our wedding day, engagement day, anniversaries past, etc.

It was all just lovely.  Worth every one of those seven favors from seven friends!

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Unknown said...

Aww it's unfortunate things didn't go to plan, especially the balloon flight being cancelled. That's the trouble, they are weather permitting. It's good to hear you still enjoyed your time together and with a nice meal!