Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Transition Out

We love our house.  I kinda feel like I'm betraying it by abandoning it willy nilly like this.  I promise it's nothing personal, House. We just need more space!  Isaiah and Sammy came home from the hospital to this house.  We rode bikes in the cul de sac, ran to neighbors houses, swung in the backyard, climbed trees, played in leaf piles, planted Lilacs and Roses.  

What started as a whim two days after Thanksgiving in Texas, quickly became one packed box:

 Then it became empty walls.  (So sorry, House! We really do love you and have so many fond memories!)
 Then there were piles of boxes.  Everywhere.
 And more empty spots.  On walls, bookshelves, and a little in our hearts.
 And before we knew it, here we were eating breakfast on the floor because everything has been packed into trucks on their way to Texas.
 We will follow soon.  Because for now, this is the best (and only!) seat in the house:
 Walls have fresh coats of paint.   Soon cleaners will come for the bathrooms and carpets.
And before we can blink, we'll be driving to Texas.  And our new home.   New adventures.  New friends.

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