Monday, May 13, 2013

Asher's 7th Birthday

We packed Asher's birthday with as much fun as possible!  He woke up to a pile of balloons on the family room floor and his new goldfish.

The goldfish had arrived the evening before when Asher and Daddy went to the pet store together to pick one out.  (*Goldfish #1 died within 24 hours, but Goldfish #2 has been living strong for a month now)  
 Then we headed to the Perot Museum of Science.  Asher could not have been happier.  We even managed to leave Sammy with Grandma and Grandpa so that Mom and Dad could focus on the big kids.  It was a great morning.
 Below, Asher designed his own light show and then projected it onto this spinning wheel by cranking a lever around and around.
 Here is Isaiah and Daddy racing a T-rex (and not doing too bad!)
 Below Naomi and Asher are racing a Cheetah.  See that Cheetah? No? It was long gone before they basically even started!
 Then in the afternoon it was cake and presents.  A fish themed cake in honor of Goldie - the new fish.
 And Grandma and Grandpa joined us for the present opening portion of the party and won the "best present" award with a remote control car.
These days of making all my little ones dreams come true are long, exhausting days.  But I do love doing it for them.  There SHOULD be one day a year where all your dreams come true!

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