Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm buried under mounds of snow and upset stomach. Today was a true blizzard. At times we could hardly see the houses across the street. The Government is closed for the 4th day in a row - that's some kind of record. The backyard is so deep in snow that instead of stepping down two steps out the backdoor, you'd have to step UP (if you were brave enough to go that way). The natives (children), who have done so well up till now, have finally become restless. And every time I move it upsets my stomach even more. I'm actually hoping that it's the flu. At least if it's the flu there's an end in site.

We told the kids about the baby this evening since I've been so sick. We figured they have a right to know why Mom has kind of checked out of life lately. It was so fun to see the looks on Asher and Naomi's faces. We were all sitting on my bed and when we told them Naomi's jaw dropped and Asher started bouncing up and down. Naomi asked if it was coming out right now and Asher asked if the baby was Poochy. It was adorable. Isaiah just happily sat on my lap, having no idea that he'll be slowly kicked out of that prime real estate over the next 7 months.


Elieson Family said...

prime real estate.. you are hilarious.
yeah, today life indoors did get hard for our crowd. Michael comes home Friday though - WooHoo! And, I'm SO SORRY you're not feeling well. You know, there's always that slight chance you'll have a pregnancy you never even notice. Maybe next time!

Jessica said...

I'm glad you guys finally decided to share some of your snow with us! And I would LOVe some more pictures of the snowland. Too bad there are no mountains there, or you could have some awesome powder skiing.

angela michelle said...

I'm so glad the kids were excited. That means you've loved em up good. Poor Poochy. Poor your lap. Hope you're feeling better today.