Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Not There!

Asher has taken to telling me, "It's not there!" at times. Daily recently. What he means is "It's not fair!" It never fails to crack me up.

Isaiah can count five objects out loud. He says, "Wa, Two, Fee, Foe, Fi!" The first thing he counted was fruit snacks and he was very pleased to learn that counting his fruit snacks earned him a second bag of them (an unheard of treat). He tried the trick again today and was sad to see that it didn't work again.

Naomi threw an hour long fit yesterday including many tears and self-inflicted solitude because I wouldn't let her keep all 20 of the papers she brought home from school. I made her pick five of them to keep. It was a sad, sad day. I can't wait until next week when her teachers send home another pack of papers.

I am feeling a little more normal these day (well, normal for pregnant anyway). I ate an egg salad sandwich the other day - which I would normally hate, and I really enjoyed the smell of the raw ground beef I was browning. So I'm definitely pregnant.

Richard is working like mad, but it's so nice to have him working from home. Sometimes a little too nice - it's hard to leave him alone and let him work.


Anonymous said...
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angela michelle said...

cute little slices of life from your kids. I've done all kinds of sneaky things to get school papers into the trash without someone noticing. I even heard of someone rolling them into dirty diapers. That's pretty smarty-pants of Isaiah to count to five. Definitely worth extra fruit snacks.

Anonymous said...

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