Monday, July 11, 2011

Big Adventure - Dallas Arboretum

Once Angela's family left, we resumed our Summer schedule, including Big Adventure Monday's. Our first Texas Big Adventure (not counting the whole 10 days of 10 kids in 1 house or Great Wolf Lodge...come to think of it, we had plenty of Texas Big Adventures! Monday or not!) was the Dallas Arboretum. I love the Dallas Arboretum and had visions of beautiful flowers and grassy meadows before we went. Well, let's just say that any previous Dallas Arboretum experiences that I had must not have been in July. It was hot! And there weren't a ton of flowers. Plants, yes. Flowers, well, not so much. But there were two different fun exhibits going on: Beatrix Potter (of Peter Rabbit fame) houses and Princess castles. Plus, Grandpa was able to come along for added fun.
It just so happens, that we went during "family day" so there was a little petting zoo, too!

Here are the big kids sitting on King Triton's throne outside of The Little Mermaid's castle.
Here they are exploring Squirrel Nutkins cute little house.
And since it was really, truly, stinkin' hot, here they are splashing in a fountain.
Here we are having a little spot of tea with Peter Rabbit.
Sammy was a real sport about being driven around in a stroller in the crazy heat.
But he was much happier once I discovered that I could pour water into the tray of his stroller and he could splash in it and keep himself cool.

Here are the kids hanging out the windows of Beauty and the Beast's castle.
And here we are heading back to the car after just one hour of exploring the beauty's of the Arboretum. Can you see the drooping shoulders, red faces, and sweaty hair? It was really too hot to be walking around outside. But we had a good time anyway!

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