Monday, July 4, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge / 4th of July

I got home from Girl's Camp on July 2, expecting that we would be driving to Texas on July 6 or 7. What actually happened is that while I was taking my post-Girl's Camp nap on July 2, Richard bought us plane tickets to fly to Texas on July 4. It was a great deal and I'm thankful that we didn't have to drive, but the change was a bit sudden and really threw me for a loop. Those were a couple of crazy days. Another side effect of this change in plans was that my parents weren't actually going to be at their house when we got there. So Richard booked us a night at Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas. The kids have seen the commercials for the one near our house, so they were super excited. And it really lived up to the hype! The water park was awesome, the food was decent, our room was big enough - it was really great. Naomi, Asher and Sammy really got into the water park and enjoyed it. Naomi and Asher rode their first big water slides, rode their first lazy river, and bobbed in their first wave pool. Isaiah is still a smidge chicken in the water, but we like to think he's loosening up every time. He doesn't NOT enjoy himself, he just doesn't relax and go with it. We also watched fireworks from the front parking lot of the Lodge. It was seriously underwhelming. The fireworks were so far away that we couldn't even hear them. Isaiah slept through the whole thing, laying on the concrete. Sammy never really saw them at all. I think we all were kinda just wishing it was over and we were in our beds.
So we stayed there one night, playing in the water park the evening we checked in, and the morning before we checked out. Then it was off to my parents house!

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