Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I can do hard things. I'm pretty tough.

But sometimes I'm such a total spaz!

This evening I ruined a batch of frosting. By swapping lemon juice with lime juice. Just in case you were wondering, lime flavored frosting is not very good. That failure makes me feel like I'm 10 years old again. When my Mom use to tease that I could mess up boiling hot dogs. This evening I'm that girl again.

Admittedly, being over-tired not only makes me more spazy, but also makes me more emotional about my spazyness. I feel like I can't do hard things. Like I'm weak.

But I'll go to sleep now and wake up tomorrow strong and ready. I'll make a new batch of frosting (after going to the store to buy more powdered sugar). I'll do what needs to be done. I'll throw a fabulous little family birthday party for my baby who is turning 8. We'll have fun. And the only reason anybody will remember that I ruined the frosting is because I just blogged about it.

Good night, all.

1 comment:

erica said...

1)you crack me up, even spazzy. 2) messed up frosting barely registers on the scale. It must have been a junky day in general. sorry about that. 3)you need a day off within the next 72 hours. tell Richard I said so.
happy birthday to you too (after all, you did all the work 8 years ago).