Saturday, November 26, 2011

At the End of Last Christmas

Today as I unpacked the Christmas decorations, I found two things that really brought me back to last year.

The first thing is this nutcracker. He came to us from my Grandma Helen's house. I am so proud to add him to my Christmas collection. He is a little worse for wear and needs some repairs, but I am so glad he's mine. I'll treasure him as the heirloom that he now is.

The second thing is a note that I found on the top of one of the Christmas decoration boxes. It was written by me as I packed up the Christmas decorations last year. It says:

Dear Nancy 2011,
Please go ahead and get the Christmas dishes out.
You know you'll be glad you did. It's been years!
And the kids will love it.
PS Don't you look fabulous today!
Nancy 2010


erica said...

I should leave myself notes. thanks for that thought.

and always get the cool dishes out.

Wendy said...

love it!!

angela michelle said...

Love it! That Nancy 2010 is a clever girl.

I recently got out my "Christmas spirits." Still gives me a chuckle whenever I go by. (My cleaning friend dusted it today--not sure what she thought!)