Monday, December 5, 2011

Naomi's Baptism

Saturday was Naomi's big day. Her baptism day! She has been really looking forward to her 8th birthday and her baptism for at least a year. Her Sunday School class has been talking about it, some of her friends have already done it, we've had Family Home Evening lessons about it, and now she was ready! Just one last thing: the dress! Grandma Ashurst happily volunteered to make the stunning dress that you see above. It was the perfect mix of little-girl and big-girl.

Richard used the power of the Priesthood, which he holds, to baptize Naomi. It was a perfect Daddy/Daughter moment. I remember getting a big bear hug from my Dad on my baptism day, and now Naomi has that memory, too.
Grandma Ashurst was in attendance. Grandpa Ashurst was scheduled to be there, too, but unfortunately he got sick at the last minute. We missed him very much.
Grandma Worth was there. Grandpa Worth was scheduled to be there, too, but got sick at the last minute. We missed him very much. ...Are you sensing a trend here? Grandfathers beware! They're dropping like flies around here!
Aunt Ruth was there. She sang a beautiful solo of Naomi's favorite children's song, "When He Comes Again".
Asher and Isaiah sang also. They did a beautiful job of singing a capella "I Am a Child of God". It was really touching.
Uncle Kevin, Aunt Kelly and cousin Ethan were there also. Naomi's Kindergarten teacher (who happens to also currently be Asher's Kindergarten teacher) was there. Also in attendance were several families from the ward and a non-member friend of Ruth's.
It was such a beautiful morning. Naomi beamed with her own kind of quiet joy. We love Naomi so much and are so proud of her for making such a good decision to be baptized and then handling the whole thing with such grace.


erica said...

she looks beautiful. You know I can see you in her face. It makes me smile.

Grampa Earl said...

Naomi is fabulous. In many ways.
Did I ever tell you how much I would rather have been there than to have pneumonia? It really wasn't much fun, although I did get an extra big dose of movies.

Jenny said...

Congratulations, Naomi!