Monday, April 16, 2012

Garage sale

I joined in a neighborhood garage sale this weekend.  All by myself.  Richard was working so I managed the sale and four children simultaneously.  I'm pretty proud that I lived through it.
I made a little money, cleaned out a lot of clutter, and sold the big cordouroy chair and ottoman that no longer have a place here since we got the new couch and recliner (blog post coming soon about that!). 
I'm glad I did it, but it reminded me how much I hate garage sales.  Some of the people who come seem to think that I'm giving this stuff away.  Which is just not true. I put a price tag on it for a reason!  No I will not sell you that lawn mower marked "$75" for $20!!!
But we did score this fooseball table from a neighbor for $5!  She asked for $3.

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