Sunday, August 12, 2012


I'm just gonna come out and say it. We're hoping to get pregnant again soon.  Real soon.  That decision was not come upon lightly considering the drama from last time. Sammy getting here took more fervent prayer than I've ever given to one topic before in my life.  It was four straight months of prayer. Family prayers, dinner prayers, personal prayers, as well as prayers in my heart. Nonstop.  Pleading, begging, bargaining prayers.  I had a little mantra/prayer that I recited to myself whenever I was feeling especially panic-y.

As we prepare to be pregnant again, my mind can't help but go back to the last time.  The same physical problems will happen again as happened with Sammy's pregnancy.  The only difference will be that this time we know to expect it.  We'll expect surgery for me at 3 or 4 months pregnant. We'll expect months of bed rest.  We'll expect to have our family in a state of disaster for some months.  So we've planned ahead. We've saved money so we can be prepared to hire a nanny or put the kids in daycare.  I've mentally talked myself through it dozens of times.  I've already started planning the cleaning whirlwind that I will execute the second that I know I'm pregnant so that I won't be embarrassed when people come into my house to help us.

And then, today, I was thinking about all those prayers that were sent up on Sammy's behalf.  And I thought about all the prayers that would go up for this next baby.  And it occurred to me that there's no reason to wait until he/she is for sure on the way before starting those prayers.  I should be praying for him/her right now.  He/she is preparing to come down here to us and we are preparing for him/her to join us - the process has begun.  So, so should the prayers.

So I ask you, dear readers, to join me.  Please pray for us and our little future he/she. Pray for health and safety. Pray for good doctors. Pray for my sanity. Pray for Richard's sanity. Just keep us in mind and heart.


(And I promise to blog more soon!)

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