Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just Sammy and Mommy

Yesterday was the first day of school (pics hopefully coming soon once I figure out how to get photos off the camera and onto my computer now that I've got this new Mac).  So it was just Sammy and I for a whoppping 3 hours! Sammy has recently started giving up his morning nap, so we really are totally free for those hours. It's so different from last years insane schedule that it's hard for me to wrap my head around!  He and I played cars and made a treat for the big kids for when they got home, we went to fabric store, and even had time to hang out in the parking lot watching the "diggers" as they re-paved the lot. It was so luxurious!  Hooray for Sammy/Mommy time!

Here we are watching the diggers:

Sammy just saw these photos and said, "I watch truck! I wear flip flops!"  Such a cutie!

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Mom said...

He is so cute. An Isaiah/Asher combo just like I have always said that Levi is a Roscoe/Logan combo.