Wednesday, March 27, 2013

His Infinite Wisdom

I was pondering today the blessings that were poured down upon us during Sammy's pre-birth drama.  If you recall, it all started with a late-night trip to the hospital which they sent me home from having learned nothing.  But then the next morning, Saturday, I passed out several times and was in a lot of pain as the spotting continued.  That time that I went to the hospital they did an ultrasound and discovered my thinned-out-to-almost-non-existent cervix.  But nobody could ever give me any reason why I would have actually passed out (in fact, I think they thought I was exaggerating).  It was a mystery that was overlooked because it just seemed random.

Flash forward to September 1. I am checked into the hospital again, this time having labor induced.  Things seemed to be going well until I started passing out randomly again.  It was finally decided that something must be wrong and an immediate c-section was needed.  Upon doing the c-section, they discovered that Sammy had a 4-inch long cord.  There was no possible way he could have made it through the birth canal with only that 4-inch cord.  So for months I had been crossing my legs if I so much as sneezed in fear that Sammy would "fall out" and in the end he couldn't possibly have come out even if he tried.

So now think about those two parts of the story.  The connection is my passing out.  I believe (although no Dr will confirm this because it is speculation) that Sammy would have been born on my living room floor - and immediately died - if he didn't have that 4-inch cord.  I believe my body was trying to give birth on that Saturday morning.  And the only thing that stopped it was the impossibility of it, brought about by the short cord length.

So, in conclusion, what my current doctor calls "a fluke" saved Sammy's life.  What some might call a birth defect, is the only reason Sammy is here with us right now.  Heavenly Father, in His infinite wisdom, made something "wrong" with my son that saved his life.

I am pondering this now because all of this drama with Sammy started when I was 22 weeks pregnant. And here I am approaching my 22nd week (it starts Friday).  As I think back on this, and so many other miracle stories surrounding Sammy's birth, I can only pray that we will be just as blessed this time around.  I can wish that I won't be on bed rest at all and that the next few months I'll feel good and that this baby girl will be healthy and strong, but all I can really ask God for is the same kind of loving care for her as Sammy received.


Mom said...

perfect post for your resolution to resume

angela michelle said...

Love it. Tender mercies.