Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sammy's "Lovey"

Ever since our summer vacation last year when we stopped at the home base of "Grave Digger", Sammy has been attached to this toy monster truck. He sleeps with it, he plays with it, he brings it to the store with us, etc.  It's what he uses as other kids use their "lovey".  

Sammy and Grave Digger watch TV.

He has several other monster truck toys as well, but this one is his favorite.  Sometimes this one is "Mommy" and the other monster trucks are the babies.  They have discussions about going home and crashing. They line up matchbox cars and run over them.  Sammy does an excellent, throaty, "vroooomm!!"  They watch Netflix shows about monster trucks (Sammy's favorite is a History Channel documentary about the creation of monster trucks).

I admit that this wouldn't have been my choice for his "lovey" - but at least it's easier to clean than a blankie dragged around in the dirt all day!

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