Monday, February 25, 2008

A conversation with Asher

Upon Asher's waking up from his afternoon nap:

Asher: nack peace
Me: OK, what would you like?
Asher: hmmm. Cake-e?
Me: You're in luck, we have one!
Asher: Yeah! No-me cake-e?
Me: Sit down at the table and I'll get it for you. Naomi, would you like a cookie?
Asher: Muck peace Mama muck
Me: OK
Asher: Dak ew

nack peace = snack please
cake-e = cookie
No-me = Naomi
muck = milk
peace = please
dak ew = thank you

I love talking to my big boy. He's growing up so fast!


angela michelle said...

I love that he made sure to ask for one for No-mi.

kashurst said...

I love it when I've spent enough time with one of my nieces, or nephews to understand their anguage! It makes me feel special, like I've brokken some secret code!

Anonymous said...

Oh man it would be so fun to learn that language!