Friday, February 8, 2008


I always thought it was a smorgasborG. I was wrong.

Here's some randomness for your viewing pleasure.

Naomi had her 4 year pictures taken the other day in this smashing outfit. She loves those shoes so much that I don't think she has taken them off since we got them. What a little diva. The lady taking her pictures even commented that Naomi should go into modeling because she seemed to take such good photos.

I have been working really hard on being healthy. And since what I eat, the whole family eats, the whole family has been eating healthier too. Yesterday I made Potato soup and I actually put multiple veggies in it! I would not have made something like this before - but it was surpringly easy ("easy" is defined, for my purposes, as "does not require more than 1 large dish or 30 minutes")

Here is a cute little video of the kids sitting by the front door waiting for me to round up the rest of the stuff and make it out the door. Naomi was singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" for Asher as they sit on the cooler.


Nancy Sabina said...

Note: In the picture of the veggies, look behind the carrots and you'll see something odd. It's a "grow your own pirate" He's been sitting on our counter for about 5 days now. He started out about the size of a peanut.
That's us. We don't go plants. We grow pirates.
Before the pirate, we grew a castle and a turtle.

brenda said...

Gary was a good friend in high school, and I'm still in touch with his widow, Jolie. Is your husband one of the brothers? I only know Carl and Dustin.

Such a small world! How do you know Angela? I enjoy your comments on her posts. Isn't she the best?

Nancy Sabina said...

Small world! Angela is my sister, and yes, she's the best. I am married to Gary's brother Richard. He is the third youngest child. How fun to come across a connection in the blogoshpere.

Angela said...

Nancy, Naomi is such a poised and mature-looking young woman these days! Thanks for clarifying "smorgasbarD" for me, since that's what we call it when I'm serving the kids bites of random fridge contents for dinner. I can't believe Brenda didn't immediately recognize you as my sister! I think we have basically the same face!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - this girl looks like she should be headed off for her Junior High dance. Slow it down and let her be a LITTLE girl.
Mom A