Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

Naomi with her fancy new doll.
Isaiah playing golf with his new baseball bat from Uncle Josh
Me displaying part of my take - including a Cricut!
And, since this blog is all about me, check out my favoritest present of all! New speakers for my MP3 player or laptop. I told Richard I wanted a tiny speaker that could sit on the kitchen counter and make just enough sound for me to hear it while I cook or clean.... He got me apples. That's right. Those two apples in the fruit bowl? They're speakers! Isn't that awesome! It's perfect!
Naomi and Isaiah playing with Asher's present that he has no interest in whatsoever - a car mat.
Naomi beats Daddy at Guess Who with Asher watches.
It was a great day!


angela michelle said...

those apple speakers are pretty awesome--but not as awesome as richard's shirt--love it! also love the picture of the huge wrapping paper mess.

Jessica said...

cool speakers!!