Monday, December 21, 2009

Killing Time

How to keep the kids happy when you're unexpectedly kept at home for the entire weekend?

Bake cookies
Decorate cookies

Eat cookies

Decorate paper Christmas trees

Make pretzel wreaths

Play in the snow

Watch Christmas shows from TV
Dig toys out of the basement
Fold laundry
Dip pretzels in chocolate
Eat chocolate dipped pretzels
Have friends over for dinner since they don't live too far away
Have a head stand contest
Chase your siblings in never-ending circles while yelling (oh wait, that's just for Asher to do)
Dress up your brothers in Princess outfits (oh wait, that's just for Naomi to do)
Play quietly while your siblings play outside (Oh wait, that's just for Isaiah to do)

The kids have really done amazingly well the last couple days considering that they've been stuck at home. Tomorrow we may brave the roads for a playdate with church friends. I made a trip out to Costco today for milk and such and the main roads were clear, and the parking lots were clear - but all the little roads inbetween main roads and parking lots were complete disasters. It's a miracle I didn't get stuck. My wheels were spinning and griding in several places and I really thought I was stuck for a few minutes - but luckily I made it out. I never heard an official total of how much snow we got, but I'd guess something like 14 inches.

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angela michelle said...

that does sound like a bit of a challenge--i know how you like to get out! but it also sounds so fun. i wish that's what we were doing.