Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Isaiah Turns 3

He's 3. My baby is 3! (Good thing another baby is on the way!) We went really low key for Isaiah's birthday this year. We took the kids to a bounce house place in the afternoon and met one of Isaiah's friends there. Then after an hour of bouncing, we all went back to our house for an oh-so-deluxe meal of Mac N Cheese and Taquitos. With a leftover-Mother's-Day-chocolate-cake chaser. But a good time was had by all - and that's the truly important part.
Isaiah said at the beginning of the day, "Asher NOT the birthday boy anymore. *I* the birthday boy!" (Really what he said was "Ah NOT be-dah bo an-mo. *I* be-dah bo!" But that's the real English translation.) Clearly he understood that this day was about him!
Isaiah loves the big slide at the bounce house place the most.
To make the leftover chocolate cake a little more special (and birthday-y) I put these sugar decorations on each slice. I thought it was totally lame, but the kids loved it. And that is some friggin' good chocolate cake, so nobody really cared what it looked like.
Presents were opened on the day of, but were mostly played with the next morning. Here Isaiah is enjoying his new "pu-pee" given to him by his Aunt Ruth.
And here he is (a little later in the day) riding his new horsey from Mom and Dad. He yells, "Gi-duh" (Isaiah translation: Giddy-up)
I surely do love that boy. He just so dang sweet. He has so much compassion and love of life. He reminds me of his Daddy in so many ways.


Clyde said...

Happy Birthday, BIG boy Isaiah!

(Nancy, you look awesome in that last picture!)

angela michelle said...

ooh that is a cool haircut.

Grampa Earl said...

I love the photo of the boys going down the slide. What big grins! And Isaiah's hair flying in the wind. Hoorah!

You have an awesome family, Nancy. We love you tons.