Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So Many Reasons to Give Thanks

Samuel is, for the moment, safe in my belly.
Medical advances are helping to keep him there.
While he's there I'm able to be at home with my family.
Richard is working from home and able to help with the kids (and me) whenever needed.
The kids are growing closer and closer to their father, who they love so much.
So many people in our church are being so, so helpful.
Within 20 minutes of telling our Relief Society President about our situation, three weeks of babysitting had been lined up for my kids.
Dinners are now coming in twice a week.
All those dinners are coming from people who I have had the blessing to serve in their times of need. I feel that is a huge blessing - to have led a life (up til now) where I am able to serve others whenever needed.
A friend stopped by today just to clean up whatever little thing I needed her to do. I lay on the couch ordering her around like the worst kind of boss. And she felt blessed. And I felt awful, and so blessed at the same time.
Did I mention that baby Samuel is safely inside me still? Can there be any bigger blessing than being able to bring a wonderful little soul into this world?

So if you call me and ask how I'm doing, and I rattle off a list of complaints a mile long about my ears and hips hurting from laying so long, and how bored I am, and how sad Isaiah is that I can't play with him, etc, etc, etc, please know that I really am incredibly thankful to have those things to complain about. And then call me. Cuz I am BORED. And my hips hurt. ...