Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One At A Time

When I'm pregnant, I live in fear of being put on bed rest. Not because I would have to rely on others and who would take care of my children or any of the other usual worries. I fear it because I know that my wonderful friends would be over here in a heartbeat helping. And then they'd discover the ugly truth! Which is that while my front room always looks lovely, and my family room looks just as messy as anybody else's with three little kids, there are some scary parts of my house. Parts that don't get the regular cleaning that they should. Icky parts. Embarrassing parts. So while other mothers-to-be are nesting because of their maternal instincts by decorating a babies room or folding tiny clothes - I am cleaning the icky parts of my house.

Today's task: the laundry room. Piled with stuff and fluff. ... Not to mention the un-done laundry.

And here's the after. What? I never claimed this was about doing the laundry! This is about those piles on the dryer being gone and the floor being clean. Laundry to be done is to be expected. Dirty floors are not. The pictures aren't really doing this justice. But take my word for it, the laundry room is now clean.
Next up: bathrooms. {insert theatrical "duh-duh-duuuuuhhhhhh!" here}


Elieson Family said...

WAY TO GO! I have no nesting instinct. None. I have not domestic instincts. None. I clean when it is socially responsible, and keep my house mildly hygienic for the kids' sake. I'm really bad. And you're right - I am SO there if you're on bed rest!

angela michelle said...

good work! it looks great! now if you go on bed rest you'll make some poor friend feel all insecure and unhappy as she thinks, "See? Nancy has an organized laundry room--what's wrong with me?!"
But really, let's not mention the B-R word again.

erica said...

thank you. I feel the same way. I cleaned my house from top to bottom for when my in-laws came to help clean and take care of me.

Anonymous said...
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