Wednesday, October 13, 2010

6 Weeks

Samuel is 6 weeks old today!

Samuel is sleeping longer at night, only waking me up once. I feed him around 10pm, then he wakes me up around 3:00am for a feeding, then he sleeps until 7:00am when I am waking up anyway. Only having to wake up once mid-night sure does make a difference as far as feeling more sane. I actually haven't broken down into ridiculous tears for more than a week!

He still has several of his newborn quirks, which we love. For example, he sneezes in fives, gets the hiccups practically hourly, and lets us know he's hungry by lapping up air like a kitten laps milk.

Richard and I bought a new, King size bed last week. It was quite a few drama-filled days trying to pick out new bedding that we were both happy with. And after all that, we still have to agree on a headboard. But the endless mind-changing is all worth it since I can now roll over in my own bed whenever I want, regardless of how Richard is positioned. It's fabulous!

The new bedding:Moving up to a King size bed means we had to sell our Queen size sleigh bed. It's such a beautiful bed that we really were sad to let it go. It was given to us as a wedding present by a very generous co-worker of mine. I feel a little bit like I'm selling an heirloom, but we just don't have anywhere to keep it. I hope the next owner loves it like we do.

The old bed:
I got a haircut last week that I hate. It's just a chin-length bob, but it somehow makes me look simultaneously 60 and 8 - and I'm neither! The first second I have available to escape, I'm getting another haircut. And that won't be soon enough for me!

We've got a slow-spreading, but fast hitting sickness going through the family. There's a fever and a sore throat, but the time inbetween one person getting it and the next seems to be like 4 days. So just when Naomi was over it, Asher got it. We haven't had a normal everybody-to-school day in more than a week. Which means I keep missing my "just me and Sammy" days. I miss that. ...Maybe Friday...

Richard is going out of town for a week starting on Friday. To help me out while he's gone, his sister Karen is coming from Utah to stay with us. We can't wait to see her and meet her baby Jessica. And we're looking forward to a fun trip to Pennsylvania the weekend that Richard gets back. And our 9 year anniversary is that week, too. So there's lots to look forward to.

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