Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkinville 2010

This is our third year of going to Pumpkinville on the preschool field trip. First Naomi, then Asher, and this year Asher and Isaiah. Each year I've made a photo book which has turned the trip into legend at our house. Isaiah knew more about Pumpkinville before he ever went there than you would have thought possible. So we were all really looking forward to it. And it totally lived up to our expectations, as always. It was a little chilly with a brisk wind, but that just made it more Fall-y!


angela michelle said...

that second picture with the boys on the bench is a real keeper! You look fantastic Nanc.

Jessica said...

Pumpkin patches are so fun! all the hay and pumpkins.... and the nippie air is a bonus too!