Monday, October 18, 2010

Motor Mouth and Smarty Pants

Yesterday was our church Primary Program. Naomi and Asher both had a little part. Asher got to say, "Jesus Christ always obeyed Heavenly Father." Naomi got to sing "I Feel My Savior's Love" with two other girls. Naomi and Asher sat up on the stage in the chapel since they had parts. That put me in the rare position of only having Isaiah and Samuel with me. So you would think that would mean it was a relaxing Sacrament meeting, but no. First there was a bathroom incident that ended with me cleaning an entire stall. Then at one point Isaiah heard somebody on the stand refer to the Holy Ghost and he started saying, "The Holy Ghost?" very loudly in this totally incredulous voice. Repeatedly. I guess he hadn't really thought of that phrase before and thought it was funny that we were talking about ghosts at church.

Isaiah really is quite a motor mouth these days. He's just always talking or singing or humming or "boom boom boom"ing. I'd say we understand about 75% of what he says (but sometimes it takes 3 or 4 tries before we figure it out).

Then later in the day at dinner, Aunt Karen (who is visiting for the week) said to Naomi, "Which would you rather have, nine dimes or five quarters?" Asher piped right up and said, "Both!" He is such a clever boy. He asks very intelligent questions and wants to know about everything. He loves to sit next to me and ask how things work. He loved when Grandpa Ashurst was here and could ask him all kinds of questions.

It's fun to see these two boys move down their developmental tracks together. I remember just about a year ago that Asher was at the phase Isaiah is now. ...They grow up fast.

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