Monday, April 11, 2011

Angry Birds Birthday Party

This is Asher. He is turning 5. And he is an Angry Birds addict.
I tried to think of as many ways as possible that we could play Angry Birds for real. The first thing I came up with was to build our own little Piggy-castles using marshmallows and toothpicks. (Note the Angry Bird balloons -free printables courtesy of Tip Junkie)

When we were done building our Piggy-castles, we pretended Pretzel M&Ms were the Angry Birds and threw them at the castles to knock them down.

Then we went on a Golden Egg hunt. I lucked out that this party was around Easter and gold eggs were easy to find (at Target, of course) - but if it hadn't been Easter I would have spray painted last years multi-colored plastic eggs. Inside the eggs were candies and bouncy balls.

After the egg hunt we went outside. I had opened up a trash bag and drawn some Piggys and boulders and then hung my fabulous art-work on the back fence.
And we let the kids take aim at those naughty Piggys with water balloons and balls and mashmallows.
I even bought real sling-shots for them to use. They were actually way too hard for the kids to use by themselves, but I think they liked it anyway even with help. The water balloons didn't work in the sling-shots like I thought they would, but luckily I had some balls that worked great.

Then we went inside for cake and ice cream. The cake top is edible printing from this Etsy shop and was actually personalized with "Happy Birthday Asher" at the top. I made the cake and frosted it then all I had to do was lay this sheet of stuff on top and decorate around it a bit. Easiest birthday cake ever.

Next we watched a few YouTube clips/trailers of Angry Birds because Asher loves them. (Note more of those fabulous Angry Bird balloons. I really had wanted helium balloons, but the party store doesn't open until 9:30 and the party was at 10, so it just wasn't in the cards.)

The last thing we did was open presents. Asher got some fabulous toys, and this Angry Birds pillow which I made for him from an adult T-shirt that we found at Hot Topic in the mall.
The party was a blast for the children and adults alike. But most importantly, all of Asher's little 5-year-old dreams came true!

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phasejumper said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! (Read your profile, I too want to live on a "family compound" and I'm completely jealous of your red hair!)
Fantastic party! Hilarious theme.Love the game, balloons and pillow! game and pillow! Off to browse more of your blog....

Mom said...

Wow - I think I would fail at Birthday Party planning these days. Ah, for the simple Batman party.

Ashley said...

this is so darling.. haha and funny

Farmer Joe said...

That cake thing is fantastic - better than you could get by paying more at a store is certainly a good thing.
Nice work making all Ashers wildest dreams come true.

Aimee said...

I am in utter amazement sitting here reading this post. I have a son named Asher who is about to turn 5 and HE is an Angry Birds addict, too! My Asher loves watching You Tube clips of Angry Birds, too. Unbelievable!

I love the Golden Egg Hunt idea. Very creative! Way to go, Mama!