Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today I'm getting ready for a fun activity for our Young Women. We're having the activity at my house so I'm cleaning, baking, putting away and fetching. I'm also answering the door to receive delivery after delivery of fancy ball gowns.

It's Prom season around here and a few weeks back one our Young Women asked me if I knew of anyone she could borrow a dress from for Prom. It just so happens that I did have several ideas for her and she did find a dress to borrow from a member of the ward. But that got me thinking that there should be a better way to borrow modest dresses. Modest Prom dresses are hard to find in stores, but most of us have one or two in our closet. I thought of creating some kind of swap website, but I don't actually know how to create a website. But you know what I do know how to do? Blog! So I set up a blog for our Young Women. Each blog post will be of one dress with details and pictures and size and who they can borrow that dress from. That way, when our girls need a dress they can just go to the blog, decide which one they'd like to borrow, then call the member who it belongs to and arrange from there. Isn't that genius? I mean, I hate to toot my own horn (kinda) but I really wish there had been something like this when I was growing up! (If you're interested, you can see the blog for yourself here.)

So anyway, tonight is our kick-off for this website. We've borrowed several of the dresses that will be on the blog and we're going to basically play dress-up with the girls while we talk about how to make modest choices. It should be really fun.

...Sometimes I wonder if I get more excited about these activities than the girls do...


SewsCute said...

That is such a great idea!! You rock!! You may inspire me to do the same for the girls in our ward. Though there aren't many and I don't actually work with them. LOL!! So smart!

Grampa Earl said...

I actually just read about a girl in Utah who did this, but now I can't find the article. She asked the post-teen members to dredge up their old prom dresses and donate them. She then cleaned, repaired and touched them up and "rented" them out. She charges $30 for the dress which is 100% refundable if the dress is returned clean and whole. She also had YW parties to make "shrugs" (is that the right word - the little thing that covers shoulders and arms?) She approached BYU students for dress donations, too.

Nice thing to do. Good one, Nancy!

Nancy Clark said...

Great idea! Here's a link to the video referred to above: https://lds.org/youth/video/195-dresses?lang=eng