Monday, June 27, 2011

A month!

***This post was actually written July 23, but to keep the flow of the blog right I'm back-dating it.***

Holy moley! I don't think I've ever gone nearly an entire month without blogging before since I started! A whole lot has gone on in that month, and I don't really want to leave anything out, but catch up is a hard game to play. Let's start with a basic re-cap and then I'll go back and fill in blanks as I can.

Girl's Camp - I spent 5 days camping with the young women from our ward. It was crazy hot, we slept in cabins with mice and wasps and the occasional snake, my feet nearly fell off from all the walking on gravel - but the girls are so great, their faith and testimonies renewed my faith and testimony, and I'll always be glad I went.

Plan Change - The plan was that July 6 or so Richard, the kids and I would drive to Texas taking 3 days to get there. Then the very day that I got back from Girl's Camp (July 2), Richard bought crazy-cheap plane tickets for us to fly to Texas instead on July 4. Which was great, but a little crazy too. Suddenly I had 2 days to get us all ready to go.

Texas with Angela - The same day that we got to Texas, so did my sister Angela and her six kids. My parents house is pretty spacious, but 10 kids in pretty much any house is pretty intense. Angela and I figure we actually talk more over the phone across the country than we did some days while we inhabited the same house. But it was great anyway.

Texas without Angela - Their family stayed 10 days or so but now they've gone back home and it's just been the kids and I here. Richard has gone back home to work and travel. But we're certainly not lonely here since my Dad is home most days. We're keeping up our "Big Adventure Mondays" with a visit to the arboretum last week and a science museum this coming week.

The Future - We're here until the second week of August, then we're all heading off to a Worth family reunion in Idaho. Then we'll finally make it home mid-August. Then school starts!

So that's the very basics of an update. I'll work on filling in the blanks soon.

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Jessica said...

I'm glad you are having a good summer. I do miss your (almost) daily blog posts!