Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School

This year Naomi ran off to second grade and Asher schlepped off to Kindergarten. Naomi couldn't have been more excited. I think she lost sleep for at least two nights prior in anticipation. Asher, however, was really totally nonchalant about the whole thing. He didn't have questions, he wasn't excited, he didn't really want to talk about it. I guess part of that is a boy thing and part of that is an Asher thing.
But, whatever the attitude, the first day of school came!
And Asher did get a little excited as he headed for the bus stop with Naomi.
I felt so good about sending Asher off with Naomi to take care of him. What good kids they are.
I was honestly a little nervous about what Asher would think of his first day. He pretty much hated his first days of Preschool. But he came back from Kindergarten happy. He has a neighborhood/church friend in his class and a couple of kids that he knows from Preschool. His only complaint was that they were so busy playing outside that they didn't have time for a snack. He hasn't said a word about actually learning anything, but I suppose he hasn't really learned much other than rules and schedule so far. His teacher is the same one Naomi had - Mrs. Butler. And Naomi has a young, cute woman named Ms. Kovacic who seems very involved in her teaching career. I think she'll be great. Naomi came back from her day with stories about all the times that she saw her best friend in the hall and the one time she saw Asher while he was at recess. I think she's thrilled to have the social aspects of school back.

So it was all a success. And my day went great, too. Our morning routine is shaping up nicely. I think this will be a great year!


Nancy said...

Thanks, I needed that. Today was our first day of school. I need to make some resolutions!

Clyde said...

Your Naomi is a beauty... I like that she wore her ruffle shirt very gracefully while sweetly looked at the camera. And also glad that your day went smoothly for a first day of school.

Yulia said...

Reading your blog makes me feel so peaceful! Well done on prep for another school year!