Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sammy's Birthday

{These pictures were all taken a couple of weeks back when we were in Idaho at Rigby Lake}

Today is Sammy's first birthday. I know everybody says the first year goes fast, but really - it does! He is, according to What To Expect The First Year, way ahead on most fronts. He already walks, babbles and imitates our sounds, rolls a ball back to you, and picks up things with his two little fingers. And on top of that, he does it all while being the cutest little guy EVER.

I was told that the video the other day of him walking was too short, so here's a little more for you. I think just yesterday is the day that he decided he'd rather walk than crawl to get somewhere. And he's been walking every since. He has, just today, mastered the art of putting his arms straight up and going stiff as a board so that you have no choice but to set him down. His days of happily hanging out in my arms are over.

My miracle just keeps on getting bigger!

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Clyde said...

How so much pain in your pregnant body a year ago became so much joy today? Sammy's a cutie, Nancy - you must be a very proud Momma.