Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Accidental Scheduling

I'm not quite sure how this snuck up on me, but somehow I've gotten myself and my home pretty thickly scheduled for the next two days.

Richard is out of town right now, so when the Young Women's president started emailing around about a Presidency meeting on Thursday morning, I asked that it be at my house so that Samuel could nap. Earlier in the week I'd been chatting with a friend about how I didn't schedule a book club for this month even though that is my "job". She suggested that we should just have a meeting anyway, even without a chosen book, since we really just like an excuse to get together. I said, sure, but it would have to be at my house since my husband is out of town. I also happen to have been planning on planning a casual breakfast/get-together for the parents of Isaiah's preschool class. We all jam into this tight hallway, inches away from each other, for about 2 minutes twice a day for the 3 days of each week that our children are in school. But we never get the conversation past "Hi, how are you, it's cold outside" type of thing. So I invited them all over for breakfast on Friday morning right after we drop off our Preschoolers.

And not until today did it occur to me that I am now hosting some group of people in my home Thursday morning, Thursday night, and Friday morning. The Thursday meetings are really not much pressure. They're both small groups and both filled with people who've seen my house messy and have, in fact, probably folded my underwear and scrubbed my toilets while I was on bed rest. But the Friday group is people who've never been to my house, don't really know me, and are making first impressions of me. That's pressure. But I made the choice to invite them knowing that it would be pressure. Sometimes pressure is good. Sometimes I don't mind pressure.

So basically, the next few days are kinda crazy, but I'm OK with it!

...Just sayin'.

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