Monday, January 9, 2012

The Word is...

I try to have a focus for each year. And I try to put that focus into one word. Last year was HOPE. I read about hope in the scriptures, paid attention to it in songs and passing references, and was amazed by how much most people take it for granted and/or don't really understand it. 
This year I think my word will be JOY.  I want to find it, remember it, seek it out, and recognize it.  So I just ordered my new vinyl.  You'll see in the picture, last years vinyl. I love these reminders.
What's your word?


chelsea said...

My phrase for the year (i'm not good enough to sum it up with one word) is be prepared. I have an obscene about of storage space now so I gotta get the food storage going. Included is also setting finances in order or on the road to order and getting my body and mind prepared to handle just about anything! Here's to a new year!

angela michelle said...

I like it!