Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

Today, as a New Year's celebratory event, the kids and I looked through the blog posts from the entire past year. It was fun to think back to a year ago when Sammy was still a wiggly worm, Naomi was still learning to write, Isaiah was just breaking through in speech, and Asher was, well, still pretty Ashery. And it made me realize that I do have one New Year's Resolution for this year. To not stop blogging.

I haven't been blogging much lately and that makes me sad. I like to blog. It's good therapy, connects me with so many friends and family, helps me remember the important things in life, and is good family journaling. Often what stops me is wanting some great picture to include. So I'll try to remember to blog whether I've got a great picture or not. And I'll try to remember to take pictures so that more often I DO have a great picture to include! Another thing that holds me up is a bad attitude. I don't like to have too many whiney blog posts. I don't want my kids to read through this in 10 years and think that I was unhappy being their mother. Certainly I have some moments of unhappiness - everybody does - but I don't want that to become the theme of this blog. I want the theme to be the exact opposite of that in fact - the happiness of our family.

Richard asked me last night what I was hoping for in this new year. "A new baby?" he asked. Well, no. Probably not. Not yet. And I'm not sure what else I hope for. Happiness, I guess. A little more control and a little less crazy. And a little less control and a little more just going with it. Good times. Happy memories. It'll be hard to beat our 2011 spring break in Baltimore or our summer in Texas and Idaho. But we'll try!


P-Cute said...

I feel the same way about blogging too- I always want a good picture with it. But really, it's good with or without one. Friends and family seem to love the blogs no matter what.

Jessica said...

What a great resolution!

Jenny said...

Couldn't we all use a little less crazy???