Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Men's Shirt Skirt

As I passed by Richard's closet the other day, I noticed this lovely Springy print plaid shirt sticking out of the back. It was a shirt that he never wears anymore, so I stole it! It had "cute little girls skirt" metaphorically written all over it!

So I chopped off the bottom part like this:
Then I sewed shut the front opening where the buttons are. I probably could have skipped this step, but I thought it might wash better if they were sewn shut. I tried to stay right on top of the existing stitch line (but of course came off of it repeatedly). I sewed down both sides of the buttons.
Then I did the usual waistline with a tiny fold then a big fold, making sure to leave enough room for the elastic. I actually ironed the folds and everything. Usually I skip that step and end up with a big mess. I really tried to be neat this time and it totally paid off in the end!
Now here's a step you could definitely skip. The step where you have to use your seam ripper to open back up the stitching a bit because you forgot to leave a space open so that you can put the elastic in. DUH! Then feed your elastic in with your handy safety pin as the guide.
THEN you can sew up that last couple inches in the waistline. And voila! An adorable skirt with a cute pre-made hemline. I love that it still has the shape at the bottom of a men's shirt. Oh, and as a final step I moved two of the buttons from the top of the shirt down to the bottom because the buttons on a Men's shirt end before the tail. I thought about putting entirely different buttons on - it would have been cute with pink flower buttons of something - but in the end I really loved the "Men's shirt" look and wanted to keep that.

Hmmm, what other shirts can I steal from my husband's closet?

I'm getting my craft on with Kim at Today's Creative Blog.


chelsea said...

I made one of those for avery a little while ago but I cut it so it fit without putting in an elastic, which I thought was really cute, but it didn't fit for very long :( How could we incorporate the pockets from the shirt? That would be cute too!

Jessica said...

Fun! I'd love to see a picture of Naomi wearing it!

Jenny said...

Clever! I'll have to go through the closet....