Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunny Sunday With Jason

On Sunday we had the privilege of having Grant and Margaret, my sister Ruth, her boyfriend Jason, her room-mate Sam, and friend Paul over for dinner. We wanted to spend some quality time with Jason in particular before he moves to Florida in a few weeks.
It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and we had a lovely time together playing, chatting and eating. There was a VERY intense game of Jenga.

And plenty of kids games, too. Jason was a very good sport about playing with the kids.
He even showed off his Marine muscles a bit swinging the boys around like they were dolls.
(Is he wearing mis-matched socks? Could I have missed that all afternoon?)

After dinner Richard, Ruth and Sam (who, by the way, is a girl) took the kids for a walk while Jason and Paul snoozed. Ruth couldn't resist a cuddle with Jason when she got back.
It really was a very fun day. We approve of Jason whole-heartedly. He seems like a very good, fun, clever guy, but most importantly he seems totally smitten with our Ruthie! (But if he ever breaks Ruth's heart we shall smite this blog post from the record and claim that we hated him from the beginning!)
(above is Paul, Ruth, Jason, Sam and various children)


Ruthie said...

I have been waiting for this post - and I love it! For the record, the mismatched socks are a direct product of Jason having woken up about 30 minutes before church (which is 30 minutes away) started that morning.

angela michelle said...

Forget smiting the blog post--we might just smite Jason directly!