Monday, September 17, 2012

Isaiah Update

Isaiah is still a squishy little pudgy baby in my mind.  And in his mind, too.  Even though he has lost so much of his squish. And he's 5 whopping years old.  He still loves to be hugged and loved on and cuddled like a baby.  But he wants to be treated like the big kids, too.  
He's in Kindergarten this year and doing great.  He wasn't exactly ahead of the game when he started, but the learning environment seems to be just right for him and he's really flourishing.  He enjoys school, so he's willing to do the work. 

He and I both enjoy the time that we have together each day. He gets home from Kindergarten around 11am so we have a couple of hours where the focus can really be on him.

Isaiah is terrified of water bigger than a bath tub.  He barely got in the Ocean at the beach. He dances around the edge of pools.
So I put him in private swim lessons at a friends house.  And this is how he spends his lessons:
I'm seriously considering throwing him in at our next lesson.

Isaiah is a great kid. He's a great addition to our family dynamics.  He does need to work on "using his words" instead of just breaking into tears when he's frustrated. But, like I said, he thinks he's the baby.

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