Monday, September 17, 2012

Sammy Update

Sammy. What can I say about Sammy.  He's adorable. He's stubborn.  He screams like a banshee just for fun sometimes.  He enjoys tormenting other children.  He talks like crazy.  He loves his siblings.  He doesn't walk, he runs.  And if Isaiah was our "Poochy" holding our leg and sniffing around, Sammy is our Parrot. He repeats everything!

Proof on adorableness:

When this boy turns on the charm, you melt.

Proof he's stubborn:
Today we went to the school to do some quick copying for the PTA and Sammy decided he didn't want to be there so he screamed - not cried, just screamed - until I ran out of there with him under my arm and the stares of patient but annoyed faculty boring into my back.  
 Proof that he enjoys tormenting other children.  Just ask baby cousin Betsy who he discovered hated his scream so he would walk up to her and let out a succinct scream.  Or baby cousin Ollie who he discovered didn't like to be touched, so he would walk up, shove him and run away.  Or baby cousin Ethan who he alternates between screaming at, stealing toys, and shoving.'s a miracle these families play with us anymore...

Proof that he loves his siblings: He puts on his backpack every morning and walks them to the bus stop in the hope that this will be the day that we let him join the fun on the bus.  When Sammy and I came back from our weekend getaway to Grandma's house (just Sammy and I met up with my sisters and their babies), Sammy was happy to see Daddy, but he was ecstatic to see his siblings.  He is often seen chasing after them yelling, "Hey! Guys!"  He asks me through the day, "Where Guys?"

We recently celebrated Sammy's 2nd birthday (squeezed into the 24 hours that both Richard and I were home between his trip to Brazil and my trip to Texas).  He loved being the star of the day.  And singing Happy Birthday.
 And this helicopter that has it's own remote control!

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