Monday, January 14, 2008


I'm still in Texas, hence the no blogging. Mostly, what is holding me back is that I don't dare put my pictures on my parents computer for fear of loosing them. So, here is a "no pictures" post.

I was reading in "What to Expect the Toddler Years" about the 20th month (that's how old Asher is now). Here are some of the milestones he should have hit by the end of this month:

use a spoon/fork
combine words
identify 1 picture by naming
name 6 body parts
throw a ball overhand
speak and be understood half the time
use 50+ single words
build a tower of 6 cubes

So, with that in mind, I started writing down all the words he says to see if he really knows 50 or more. Here is his list of words he says (mind you, these are words that I can understand what he means - but that doesn't mean you would be able to understand them).

yes, doggie, milk, up, ruff, moo, roar, meow, sock, shoe, eat, go, vroom, hair, eye, ear, nose, toes, bath, mom, dad, guy, flower, Jesus, baby, out, cat, seat, more, baa, wow, no, bock bock, Elmo, fishy, yum, ball, shhhh, apple, cheese, on, mine, help, Cheerios, choo choo, book, uh oh, wait, no way, bed, night night, xuxa, three, please, thank you, morning, hi, bye

He is pretty much adding words every day at this point. And he can repeat almost anything we say. He combines words too. And he does all the other things that I listed above, and then some. Face it. My boy is a genius.

In other news, Isaiah is crawling and sitting up on his own. He's a genius too, obviously. When we get home it's gonna be time to put up the gates again. I think we went a whopping 4 months between needing them for Asher and putting them back up for Isaiah.

I'm sure Naomi is a genius, too. She just hasn't hit any of the flashy milestones lately.

(OK, in reading back over the list of words that Asher says, I have to share one funny story. You'll notice that "three" is on the list. Here's how he uses that word. He is getting into trouble. So I say something like "Asher, don't do that." But he continues to do it anyway, so I say "Asher, One, Two..." and he says "Three!" and does the naughty thing again. It's cute - but pretty rebellious. I'm not sure how to nip that in the bud. Actually - it may be past "bud" point. Oh well.)


Angela said...

Wow, Jesse can't do any of those speech related things. Name 6 body parts? Not even one! Maybe all his brain power has been used on shoes? He can transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer. He can rock to the beat. He can pat his mommy on the back when he's happy with her. He can answer the phone when it rings. He can prevent his siblings from taking toys away from him. Anyway, Roscoe was a slow talker and the doctor said don't worry unless he doesn't have those 50 words by 24 months. I'll explain this deadline to Jesse.

Jessica said...

It sure has been fun to see you and your kids, and to see Isaiah getting more mobile every day!