Saturday, January 5, 2008

a long absence

I apologize for my long absence. I up and drove to Texas last weekend. My Grandmother (who lives with my parents) is going through a rough time and I came to help her. Richard drove down with us, then he flew back home on the 1st. He'll fly back to Texas later and drive home with us. In the meantime, my blogging is probably going to be sporadic at best since I am pretty busy (and exhausted) here.
What brought me back to the blogging world was the cutest pictures of Isaiah ever. Let's back up a little, though. Last year, when Asher was pretty much the age that Isaiah is now, we got pictures taken of him. They are very cute. He is laying on his back, naked except for his diaper, and playing with his toes. Coincidentally, my sister who had a baby the same age as Asher, got pretty much the same pose taken of her son. So my mother loves to display the two babies' pictures side by side in nearly identical poses. When I had Isaiah she told me that I just had to get a picture of Isaiah in the same pose. Since the holidays, then a huge bruise on Asher's head, then taking off for Texas, have all caused me to reschedule a family photo shoot three times now, I asked my fab sister-in-law to take some pictures of Isaiah. Here are the adorable results.

Now go back and pay particular attention to his arms. They are unbelievable.


cworth said...

holy cow, you are a brave, brave woman. i shudder at the thought of driving all that distance with kids and you have done it twice in like 6 months. nice work! the second and third pictures are my favorites, i love that smile!

erica said...

holy gamoly those arms are adorable. and I'm glad you posted...i've missed keeping an eye on your family.

Angela said...

Oh Nancy, those arms are amazing! My favorite is third from the bottom, where he's sort of rolling. What a glorious mass of chub!

Clyde said...

Love all of them but I'm an admitted fan of #3 and #4!

You have my dreams' baby type. Just because Isaiah is the kind of sweet "little" boy that calls for one (or maybe too many) squeeze(s). I'm getting green of envy here. :)

ladyshanae said...

Miss you!!!! I figured you must have run off to Texas when I didn't hear from you after Christmas. Just wanted to let you know we had a great time with you and we'll be sending photos soon.


Catherine M. said...

I love the last one especially because its so unexpected to have mommy interfere in the cloth draped photo frame.

Thank you so much for helping with Grandma!