Wednesday, January 23, 2008

H - E - double hockey sticks on wheels

Well, we're back in Virginia finally. It feels good to be in our home again. But let me give you a quick run down of the last few days so you understand the title of my post.

warning: yucky details to follow.

Friday - Asher throws up breakfast all over Grandma's carpet.
Richard is supposed to arrive in Texas so he can drive back to Virginia with us, but takes a stand-by ticket instead (he got a free ticket out of the deal).

Saturday - Asher seems to be doing better - maybe his being sickly and mellow will work to our favor, right?.
Richard actually arrives in Texas and we all pile in the van to start our drive (5 hours of driving scheduled for this day). Ahhhhh, nice comfy hotel bed.

Sunday - We're on the road again by 9am. Our DVD player stops working. Asher throws up again in Arby's at lunch. We stop at a Target to buy a new DVD player and some Pedialyte. We don't arrive at the next hotel until 9pm (7 hours of driving scheduled for this day). 10pm Nancy takes 2 Tylenol PM to ensure a good night's rest.

Monday - 12:01am Naomi wakes up throwing up. Nancy and Naomi stay up all night while the boys sleep in the next room. Nancy starts being sick at about 6 am. We finally leave the hotel at noon. Many bathroom stops, a lot of crying, and nine hours later, we arrive at home (7 hours of driving scheduled for this day). Richard is our hero for taking us all the way home even though we all cried and I longingly looked at every hotel we passed, wanting to stop for the night.

Tuesday - 5 am Richard wakes up being sick. The kids are feeling better, but still tired and out of whack, Nancy is going to die of exhaustion. Home Teachers save the day by bringing food and liquids.

Wednesday - 4:30am Naomi finally goes to sleep for the night, 5am Richard wakes up with such intense pain in his stomach that we call 911 and an ambulance takes him to the hospital, 7am Naomi pops out of bed like nothing was wrong the night before, 11am Richard comes home in a taxi feeling a little better with some fluids and oxygen in him. The van finally gets unloaded.

That's all I'm gonna say about that. We're back. We need a couple more days to recoup.

Good night.

(Just so you know, none of this is even in the slightest bit exaggerated. Really. It's really understated, actually. Monday was one of the top 3 worst days of my life.)


redredrose said...

Nancy, that sounds horrible. I really feel for you! (I am about to embark on my first "vacation" with a kid. I have a feeling it won't be any's to hoping we don't get sick too!)

Jessica said...

Man, could it have gotten any worse? I don't think so! I'm glad you are back safely though. (and that we didn't get the sickness from you!)

Nancy Clark said...

yikes. that's all i can say.

cworth said...

so i've been thinking about you a lot and all that driving. it makes my skin crawl to think of driving that far with three kids. and then, and then..... you were all sick. wowsers. i'm so glad you got home safely and can recover!

Kelly said...

Welcome Home!!! :)

Jolie Rodriguez said...

No fun! I'm glad you survived.

Kelly said...

I am so sorry! You poor babies! I swear THAT bout of sickness was NOT from me!

graffiti said...

oh my poor nancy. that episode is what makes me wonder how many kids I can handle. I'm impressed at your abilities to be a mom even with that Monday.

Angela said...

Nancy what on earth were the other two top worst days!?!

Nancy Sabina said...

Ang - I knew someone was gonna ask that. I was trying really hard to NOT think of what other worst days I've had - so I just pulled that out of my head. Now that I'm in a slightly "better place", mentally that is, I can tell you that I really can't think of a worse day. I can think of some bad days where I cried, or was upset, or was in pain, or whatever - but I can not think of another day where I was awake 20 hours, sobbed, was in pain for so long, and had all my kids in pain too. So, to correct myself - it was the worst day of my life.

Qtpies7 said...

Oh, so been there!
We went through the Pennsylvania Turnpike in a blizzard behind snowplows driving 15mph, while puking. Got out of the turnpike to SOLID ICE. We had to stop at a hotel. Next morning, nail in the tire. After a blizzard, on a Sunday, nothing open, changing tires with a puke bucket near by.
Try to find a place to repair the tire... nothing doing. Finally got a place that could sell us the wrong size, but it would work. Whew!
It was not fun. But it is family bonding. We look back and think no matter how bad this vacation is, it could have been worse, like the Pennsylvania turnpike adventure!