Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tales from Sunday School

I was teaching the 10 year olds in Sunday School today. I was filling in at the last minute, so we were playing hangman with a twist. The twist was that to guess a letter they had to tell me a word from the scriptures that started with that letter and what that word meant. So, for example, to guess the letter "a" they had to supply me with a word like "atonement" and a semi-definition like "why Jesus died for us". By the end of the class they had gotten smart and had opened their scriptures and starting using the index to find words (I wouldn't accept any repeats).

So here's the scene:

boy: "U!"
me: Ok, but you have to give me a word that starts with "u".
boy: (looking in his scriptures) uncircumc1sed!
me: (hesitantly) OK, but what does it mean?
boy: (reading some passage from scriptures)
me: (accepting his lame answer because I don't want to go there) OK, so basically that means they considered those people unworthy. It was kind of a mean thing to say.
boy: (to kid next to him) Ha, ha! You're uncircumc1sed!
me : Ahhhhmmmm. I don't think that's a word you want to be using on a regular basis.
OK - who else wants to guess a letter?

Maybe I should call his Mom and let her know what went on incase he starts calling his siblings "uncircumc1sed dorks" or something and then says he learned about that in Sunday School from Sister Worth.

*in case you were wondering why I put the "1" into that word - it's so that I don't get hits from search engines when somebody types that word in.*


Angela said...

Sounds like a genius lesson plan. Now they'll always remember their Bible Dictionary. I'm gonna remember that one.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud!! hysterical. - erica